appache ah-64


  • Length: 16CM
  • Height: 12CM
  • Width: 27CM(Including main rotors)


  • Full Function 3 Channels Remote Controlled
  • Intelligent RC System
  • Up, Down, Left, Right , Forward and Backward
  • Ready-To-Fly straight out of the box
  • A twin coaxial rotor for an easy and stable flight
  • Altitude & Rotor Speed Control
  • Stable Hover
  • 3.7V 500 mAh Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • Real Helicopter Performance
  • Flight Stabilizing System with adjustable trimming control
  • A 30-45 minutes charge equal to 10-15 minutes flight
  • Suitable for Indoor flight or outdoor with NO wind


2 responses to “appache ah-64

  1. nice !i like that you up date new toys ­čśë waiting for more

  2. It has the real look and big, i guess i must fly it outdoor because it might be noisy and dangerouse for kids…

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